The depth of learning is in direct relation to the intensity of the experience.
Robert Monroe

It seems to me that there is a misconception about what out-of-body experiences (OBE) are, especially in the spiritual circles where people may feel certain sensations in meditative states and associate OBEs to these. Hence I hear of “feeling something”, “like a hand over me” and similar blurry assessments. Whether those are the works of the ego trying to fabricate something with the imagination, or not: they are not OBEs.

An OBE or astral projection will shatter everything in you. It’s not a suggestive state and it’s not about distant imagery that may flare up during meditation. An OBE is more real than this world, it is something that will cause you to re-evaluate everything that you know, and then throw it away. You may have doubts if a long time passes between each experience, and you may question the “real-ness” of what you’ve experienced. You will most certainly doubt your own sanity at some point -these are all tests that we must go through. But ultimately it is something that will shake you like a ride on a roller-coaster -not something to make you look cool in front of your friends. 

Every person has unique experiences, whether in the physical world or during OBEs. But the OBE itself is extraordinary and will make you cross a threshold, past which there is no turning back, as you can’t un-see what you’ve seen. What you make of it will also be your own journey, as we each have a different mission to accomplish and different things to learn.

I have never gone astral during meditation. I have, however, reached point-consciousness, a state of floating in the void and not feeling the body anymore; I have received images and information; I have also gone into deep relaxation in a theta state, where I’ve had very brief moments of floating above places, had visions, received images, and other suggestive nudges. In my case, and for now, I access the other worlds through dreams where I typically see something incoherent, react to it, become lucid (aware that I’m dreaming) and subsequently everything transforms, finding myself in a world where everything is intense: in force, in color, in aliveness.

I always wonder about going OBE from a non-dreaming state: would my physical body collapse on a chair during the exploration? Mostly I wonder about the issue of insanity, if I could, in the blink of an eye, transport myself to those incredible worlds. In my own experience, dancing from one world to another is a huge challenge, one that has many consequences in my life in the physical world. I need to be alone, in a familiar place, to handle the aftermath of each experience. It is no joke. And to be honest, having more of them did not make things easier for me: it was exactly the opposite. That’s because my OBEs have become my only spiritual mentor, guiding me through a very intricate process of delving into the big questions and acquiring deeper, and deeper understanding of the small and the big picture.

So how does it work? Well, I always want to establish before-hand that I talk from the perspective of my own experience and the intuitive extrapolations that I make as I go along. Many people, once they’ve had their first experience or if they have a deep yearning to have one, will try all sorts of techniques that can help induce OBEs. But in my opinion: ultimately you get them if you are meant to get them. 

My OBEs are spontaneous, I don’t get them on demand -not yet. There’s a reason for this and it doesn’t have to be like that for everybody. In my case OBEs are to assist me in understanding our potential in our physical experience, by acknowledging the dynamism of the invisible worlds.  That’s a lot of mumbo-jumbo that basically means that I am to experience “everything” by myself and cannot be given any answer before I figure it out for myself. And the only validation that I get is a posteriori, once I’ve done all the work. So I walk in the dark -always. 

It took me a while to understand that. In the beginning I was just desperate to have more OBEs, to understand things, to practice going there in order to master intent, and have conversations with guides who would provide me with answers. Obviously things don’t work that way. Everything must be experienced in the first person and the ramifications of the process also experienced -and understood thoroughly. In my personal case this is THE experience of my current incarnation for me. It’s not a hobby, it’s not an interesting thing to discuss with a group, it’s not a pretty story. This is it for me; and it requires huge effort, stamina, full commitment, isolation, receiving many blows, dying many deaths, letting go of more and more, always being on the edge; and always fighting the ever-present pressure of the “shoulds” that are expected of anyone in our society, with regard to the one slave-master that we all have: money.

Because it doesn’t matter what we do or who we are: everybody -even very “spiritual” people who should know better than that- will measure you by your financial stability and success. As in fairy tales with happy endings of abundance and fruitful relationships, the concept of finality and result is the ultimate indicator that you have successfully moved on from hardship -which by the way implies also that you should move on from hardship. It’s no wonder that people quickly fall into the same traps again and again, in order to feel safe, or show that they “are doing everything right”, as someone told me recently. It’s easier to yield under pressure and so difficult to follow the ever-outrageous demands of your heart
Even in the spiritual circles, having abundance and a partner is a sign of spiritual success. God forbid you shouldn’t manifest parking spots, a dream job and a partner, or you are considered a spiritual loser. It’s a wonder that nobody ever thinks about how unlikely it is that we will all live the same story in this lifetime. But that’s another matter that I will discuss as well in another article.

So I understood, eventually, that no matter how much technique I wanted to learn, the fact was that I would be called to have OBEs by my guides, whenever they deemed it appropriate for my growth process. And it’s very likely that in the future, once I’ve gone through a few phases, I will have OBEs on demand. So I accepted that I wasn’t to control that yet -and indeed I got to understand exactly why, later on. But this is me and this is my story. Yours will be different. For sure. And you can thank God for that, if I may add. I do not wish my experience on anybody, as it’s very difficult to handle. I assure you it’s not a cool thing to brag about: it’s a responsibility, and we each have our own.

It is your responsibility to follow your heart, to carry out your life purpose.
If you don’t respond in this life, you will have to in another, with accumulated karma.

🙂 Marina CB – Always be brave, be free