The outside world that we see is the language that we use to speak of our inner world. Because our inner world is the great world, not the one outside.

Everything I look at is me. The people, the objects, the circumstances, are all mirrors I need to look into, to understand what I have inside. There are many levels of interpretation for what I see, and they all give me clues to further my growth, in both the psychological and the spiritual realms. They are interrelated however, and psychology helps me make sense of the intricacies of my relationships, whereas spirituality helps me make sense of the purpose of it all -of my relationship with the divine. Therefore psychology is a practical tool that allows me to figure out where to look to become better, and spirituality is about understanding the big picture and our part in it.

There are many levels of understanding our experience as well. And it’s ok, we are not missing out on anything and it’s all perfect,  because at any given time, we see that which we can handle. What I mean is that whatever our beliefs are, they determine the way we understand our experience, and it becomes our reality. As such, nothing is “untrue”, or “unreal”. Everything you believe becomes true for you and you will create your world accordingly, and as such it has its validity. It is, however, incredibly powerful to have a profound understanding that everything can be triggered to change in the blink of an eye. However, it does take some unfolding hereafter.

What I realized after having quite a few OBEs is that I could engage in a conversation with everything around me -with the Universe, with God- because it was, in fact, speaking to me. And the whole point of my spiritual education was to learn to decipher that language. Later on there was more to make of it and I also began to see the way to engage the invisible in a dynamic way. This is harder to explain because it works in such subtle ways and it requires complete trust, which is not easy to get to, and is not an act of will  that you can command either.

Obviously experiencing the aliveness of everything during OBEs helped me change the way I viewed the physical world, because I was shown the invisible potentials of our experience. In that sense, there is no difference for me between people, animals, objects and events. All of them help me to know myself and the terms of my life purpose -and to make decisions accordingly.

Flower mandala by Marina CB

Flower mandala by Marina CB

Before I delve further into this subject I want to point out that things are different for each person. Not everybody has chosen their family and the people they will encounter in life, that will have a major impact. All of that depends on the level of evolution of each person after death, where in the in-between-lives process we are to evaluate what lessons we need to focus on in our next experience.  During that process we are assisted and the degree of our impact on the decisions for our next life depends on how grown we are. The more we grow, the more specific our next experience becomes.

Here is another important key: the more evolved we are, the more we are nudged. Obviously the degree to which we are nudged will also depend on the complexity of our life-plan or mission.

However, and this is where it starts to get complicated, but I am positive about this: anybody can engage the invisible to speak to them to any degree. It just all depends on how committed you are to your spiritual growth which demands, as I keep saying, great effort at self-introspection and brutal honesty. And that requires a process: it’s not something you acquire at a week-end spiritual workshop or retreat. All of this may seem unrelated, but it’s all about being able to see the truth and it starts with yourself: if you can’t see the truth of yourself, then you won’t be able to see the truth of God. When we die, we see that truth and we are to face it, and so it is very empowering to do this in this life. When you see the Truth: everything makes sense.

The world as you see it reveals where you are in your life. If you see friction, then you are connected to that. If you see love, then you are connected to that. Nothing that you see outside is separate from who you are. You can learn to discover who you are and then, what you are meant to accomplish in this life will be revealed to you.

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What you recognize without, you need to recognize within.
That is the first step.

🙂 Marina CB – Be brave, be free