Whatever is rejected from the self, appears in the world as an event.
Carl Jung

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My out-of-body experiences (OBEs) have taught me that the universe is mind-like in nature. The profound understanding of this truth has extraordinary implications in the way that I experience my life now. For me there is one word that is key to this understanding: responsibility. And it refers to accepting the responsibility for creating my own reality. The mind-like nature of my experience means that my perception is the creator and understanding metaphors and the images that I see will help me understand the language of the universe.

It seems to me that the perception of what spirituality means has been corrupted by the exasperating insistence on positive thinking. In fact, the general lack of comprehensive view of our experience turns us into discriminative creatures. I have had several conversations where the subject of (what we have labeled) pain and struggle as great masters for our development is completely rejected as a misunderstanding of how the abundant Universe works. The law of Attraction is thrown at your face at every turn, to remind you just what a spiritual loser you are if you haven’t manifested a partner, a job and a bountiful bank account.

What I look at is speaking to me

I have a very different outtake on our experience, obviously. Mainly because I don’t view pain and struggle as “bad” and therefore I don’t deny any part of my experience. Because you see: everything has a very specific function. That’s how I see it anyway. I also know that every individual has a very unique journey and that we all came to have a very particular experience. And some have come here to practice manifesting things, that is clear.

I am more inclined to view and accept all the hues and colors of our experience and practice discernment, instead of the more spoiled-brat-like discrimination. Discernment is more precise, and paradoxically more open than discrimination, which suggests rashness and finality. And for me nothing is locked, nothing is completely final. Not a person’s journey, not a concept, not an opinion on what is “right” -nothing is final. Everything is moving and evolving –even the Truth. And understanding the nature of our reality and the language of metaphors is what allows me to engage in a conversation with the universe around me, and accept the responsibility for being the creator of what is unraveling before me. The illusion is in believing that this has nothing to do with me. For me, spiritual awareness awakens you: first to the pain of this truth, and then to the extraordinary power beyond that pain.

When I separated from my husband I realized that I had been responsible for my circumstances all along -even for what I had blamed him for. Sure, he had a part in that dance, as it takes two to tango. But that is none of my business and all I can do is work on myself. When I would try to explain this to friends, they would immediately react and point out all the stuff that I had to “endure”. But as I tried to explain to them, it’s all a matter of perception. And seeing that I had “let this happen to me” all along was not an exercise in self-punishment. In fact it represented the exact opposite for me: it meant that I had had the power, all along, to not let these things happen to me. Therefore I had that power now to go beyond the familiar role of the victim. Now that I understood the concept of responsibility, I could learn to make use of that power by being the sole creator of my reality.

Most people don’t understand that and will argue that we didn’t create all the terrible things that happen in the world. But we have. Or to be more precise: we have, so that we can become aware of the things we need to work on as a collective. I’m not saying that a mass shooting at a school reflects who I am. I’m saying that if I am obsessed with that kind of news and talk about that kind of stuff all the time, I will learn a lot about myself by finding out what this says about me. What I recognize without I need to recognize within. Let me give you a very easy example: people who condemn terrorism, but use the same language and react with the same violence that they condemn in others… imagine realizing that I am exactly that which I condemn so strongly! That’s what I’m talking about when I refer to my responsibility for creating my reality. Everything that I focus on is there to reveal something about me.

I have created what I see

I even take this further. I use exactly the same approach when looking at the elements of my life as I do with the elements of my dreams. Everything represents a part of me. “How does that speak to me?”, that is the question I ask myself all the time when something is brought to my attention.

I recently spent a few days with a group of strangers at a workshop. I was very quickly reminded to look at each of them as part of me. Or even as different “selves” of mine –as metaphors indeed. And it was really something. I spoke in Part I about the themes of Mother and Love in my life. If I had been stuck in the sadness of perceiving my experience as an endless loss (which is what my mother does), what would my life look like now? Well, there was a man in his 70s with lung cancer. An illness in the lungs is symbolic of profound sadness, of grief for life itself. You typically grieve the loss of someone you love. But the universe works in absolute terms rather than in specific, physical terms. And so symbolically I would say that the lung cancer represents grief for Love. Because love is Home, love is life, it’s who we are in the end. To not be able to dance to that tune in our life is very sad indeed. That’s why I left my marriage in the first place.

I quit smoking not long ago, because I have new standards for myself and I don’t want to be a slave to that crap. Well, upon hearing about that man’s lung cancer, I felt compelled to hear about his story: he never had any children and feels he has so much love inside that is wasted. All he can think about is that he was born to give love but his wife never wanted any children. That’s exactly how I felt until recently.
And so here it was, right in front of me: the me I would have become if I hadn’t outgrown my own sense of being a victim in the world. I would have ended my life in rage. Sadness and rage are two sides of the same coin and they are both devastating. I told that man that I now understand that my need to have a child was a metaphor and that channeling that love can take many forms. Interaction with children can certainly be one of them. But also sending love, in a silent way, to all those who need it -whether in our immediate entourage or in the world in general. In the end it’s all about being love and you don’t need another being for that.

There was another man about my age, who was anxiety personified. And I couldn’t stop observing him because I felt he was missing out on so much, as his attention was always on something else he was worried about. I’m always alert for signs to show me where I can be better. And I can see that I really need to practice more being present; to trust the process and trust that the universe knows better than I do, and how useless it is to have separate ambitions for myself. Observing, and now remembering, that man reminds me of that. I could physically see the constant mismatch between what was happening in front of him, which is the universe speaking to him, and his attention which was always somewhere else, forever missing what life was telling him.

Every image is a message

I am still processing the symbology of all the people in that group to help me see both how much I’ve grown and how much I’ve yet to learn. It all fits within the themes of my life and the metaphors that I use. Because the universe is mind-like in nature, I know that I have manifested those people: they are my metaphors. And of course both my fears and hopes were represented in that group, as were curiosity, arrogance, initial resistance to new concepts, disdain, loving disposition, playfulness, etc. All the varied elements that make me who I am were represented and were vividly enacted right in front of me for me to learn something. You can’t beat that!

But this practice is not just for special occasions although those are usually more powerful because they make me alert and catch my attention more easily. I come from a family of eight siblings and I practice the same exercise by observing them as parts of me. I can see where I’d be if I decided to be stuck in some of my metaphors. Of course if one of my siblings decided to practice this, they would have to do it according to their own perceptions and metaphors -they would have different filters, even within the same family.

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.
Carl Jung

When we watch the news we think this has nothing to do with us. And then we complain, cry, voice our outrage on social media, not thinking for a second that we have any responsibility in what we are looking at. If we understand that what we look at is a projection of what we have inside, then denying part of our experience is denying a part of ourselves. And the thing is: what we look at is there so that we can become aware of that part of ourselves. I’ve already tackled this subject in another article which you can read here. Creating our reality means that every element of our lives is there because we brought it to ourselves, whether consciously or not. Being aware of that allows us to manage our reality, instead of letting circumstances control us.

Understanding that the universe is mind-like gives me an understanding that my reality is a metaphor that I have created. I can choose to take what I see literally and get stuck in my metaphors, or I can choose to decipher the messages that are being played out by those images that I see and participate in an extraordinary conversation with my world.

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🙂 Marina CB – Always be brave, be free