It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul.


In Part I, Part II, and Part III of the Metaphorical Journey, I pointed out the importance, from my point of view, of understanding the fundamental mind-like nature of our experience and how it serves me to engage with every element in terms of metaphors and symbols.

Imagine that a person handed you a piece of paper and said, in all seriousness: “God gave me a poem for you”. Wouldn’t you feel that it’s a pretentious claim? Imagine giving your power to that person, believing you need them in order to find your path -or continue to walk your path? Well, that is what we do with our therapists, our friends, and all kinds of self-proclaimed professionals of the healing arts. Because we are immature -spiritually and psychologically- we nest into someone else’s sets of beliefs and instructions for us. And in our vulnerability, we take them at heart, we drink them as if they were the last drop of water in the desert -we accept them as authority. So those people think that God gave them a poem for you. But God delivers messages directly and that poem may just be for them. And you may be a mirror for them.

I’m not talking about rejecting help

I’m talking about the fact that we give other people power over us. I think that the people and circumstances around us are to be engaged as inspiration to pull a thread and explore something that they trigger in us. What do you think the internet is? Things take shape outside as a manifestation of  what happens inside of us -individually and as a collective. This is a time where the Aquarian individuality is to materialize as the awareness of our own creativity in our own development. Individuality can only be born out of a battle of the self versus a collective. We need to understand that our individuality is key to this next phase.

As I have mentioned in the previous articles, we all operate on our beliefs and manifest those in our own metaphors which become the language we speak to others. So people have a poem for us and we readily take it as gospel. But the poem -which is a metaphor for the wisdom they wish impart on you- is really their own creation. And it is to be taken metaphorically. I believe it is more helpful to take whatever advice -or any help we get- symbolically.

During my process I have had to hire the help of many. Because I was vulnerable at some point I felt like a puppet following orders like a headless chicken, and I realized that growth cannot be complete without a conscious act of assertiveness at some point. I once was highly suggested to spend time at an orphanage in Africa. Fortunately my heart was not in it as I started to browse the web for possible destinations. And I soon understood the idea in metaphorical terms: to get away from the self-centered demands of the modern life and paradoxically find your center in the service to others. And so I could reflect on that idea symbolically.

I remembered many times when I really felt I had to get away, to move to another continent and start over as far away as possible. Then I remembered to interpret my urge in terms of metaphors, as I would interpret a dream of mine. I didn’t want to be in my apartment, in this town, with these people -and yet objectively my circumstances did not merit that yearning to escape. In a dream all elements would represent parts of me. Which means I was rejecting parts of me. And so I worked on that. I faced my demons. And now I love this place. Because I love who I am.

And mostly what I’m learning is to not indulge in co-dependency with others, to not let them decide for me what only I can really figure out. Because only I can figure this out. Nobody can do this for me. I am my own poet now and I let other people’s “poetry” inspire me -not dictate me.


🙂 Marina CB – Always be brave, be free