I believe in everything until it’s disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it’s in your mind. Who’s to say that dreams and nightmares aren’t as real as the here and now?
John Lennon

In part II of the metaphorical journey, I talked about how the universe is mind-like in nature. I’ve experienced this truth in a very straightforward way in my OBEs. In a nutshell, this plays out in how everything responds to the innermost impulses I have in me. So whatever desire or thought or intent I have will cause the experience to change accordingly. It’s important to understand that the response in OBEs is to intent of the purest kind: it’s not something that can be channeled artificially. And things happen instantly so you can’t second-guess yourself. I cannot deceive God, so to speak. What plays out in the OBEs shows exactly what I have inside, whether it be my dark or bright inner workings. What I mean is that when I’m “up there” I can’t pretend to be anything I’m not, unlike what we do here in the physical world, whether consciously or unconsciously.

In the physical world we all make two fundamental mistakes: firstly we are blind to the truth of our own circumstances AND intentions; and secondly we systematically seek to feel good about ourselves, even as we undertake the process of self-development. Well, my personal opinion is that, as long as we are not willing to face the truth about ourselves, we will keep living indeed in an illusion -meaning that we are not opening ourselves to our highest potential. Our highest potential pertains to the realm of the divine and that realm is pure truth, so there’s no room for lies of any kind, fabricated or unconscious. Hence the necessary process of going in the depths in order to ascend to that higher realm. There is no other way.

When we talk about our problems with friends, we either exercise mild accountability or go into victim or martyr mode. But ultimately we blame other people. When I separated I did just that: of course I saw that there was a lot of room for improvement in myself (self-complacent introspection) but I fundamentally blamed him for not being able to make things better (“I’m right, I’m a good person, I just want love, HE doesn’t let me…”).  What kind of self-introspection is that? Well: it’s just not any kind. That is just a step back in order to charge onto the enemy with more force. Self-introspection is shattering, painful and costly. The truth for me? In a nutshell: after performing a  serious self-dissection, I discovered a person that I did not like -my ugly self- and who was a clone of my martyr mother. And it’s not a happy process. We did not hug in wonder, we did not have tea together. And it’s not anything that you can take care of in a weekend workshop. This is the work of a lifetime -at least.

God only speaks truth

However the more truthful I became about myself, the more I was able to see the truth everywhere. Plus that honest self-work had a direct impact in my OBEs. I believe that you cannot see the truth of God if you are not willing to see the truth about yourself. In the OBEs everything responds to what is going on inside me, for real. And it’s enacted with images and metaphors that are as crude as can be.

Which means that I can go through really nightmarish stuff up there. Just like in regular dreams. Just like in life. We remember traumatic events and say “it was a nightmare” and the memory has become blurred, as a nightmare. That’s because they are all of the same mind-like nature. Haver you ever heard the axiom “life is just a dream?” That’s what it actually means: it refers to the mind-like nature of our reality, of the dream reality, of all the other realities.

I know there are many paranoid people. I know that there are a lot of conspiracy theories about evil trying to get at us, etc. But I’m going to get this out of the way right now: I believe none of it. Why? Because it’s not my experience at all. I know of the purest essence of God and it is love -and force, incredible force. Like my guides have told me: “it is with love that we transmit the purest forms”. But there are many other qualities to God’s essence -our essence. There’s a delightful sense of humor, and playfulness; there’s fun, there’s beauty, there’s a sense of being completely looked after. But there’s serious testing and harsh experiences too. So I have to handle looking at the harsh stuff or else I won’t see anything at all. That’s because we can’t see anything without contrast. (I will elaborate on that in another article).

If I chose to be paranoid, I could get stuck in all my metaphors and stay in that hamster-wheel all my life, feeling that the universe -and the whole world- is against me. Sometimes the unknown is viewed positively. The film Avatar is a wonderful example of that. I don’t know if Mr James Cameron has OBEs or not, but in this film he has captured much of the essence of those experiences and their level of awareness.

But for some, the unknown is mostly viewed under the lens of fear. Hence the paranoia. This is where I’m going to tackle the subject of aliens.

Oh they are real!

What? what are you talking about?
Well, here’s the thing… When I’m in a lucid dream or an OBE and I’m in a spaceship or see “different” beings: they are just that. If I saw a bouncing tomato telling me a joke I would react in the same way. They are all metaphors. Obviously I could wake up and interpret what I’ve seen as an abduction and edulcorate the story with all sorts of juicy details. But in my case, I just want to understand what this says about me, my experience and my reality. So my communication with those beings -or bouncing tomatoes, if they were to pop up- interest me in those terms. (On a sidenote, I was on a spaceship once in an OBE and it was completely white inside, there was nothing spectacular at all, no control panel with lights or anything of the kind. Just blank walls all around. I was not impressed, to say the least. Just saying… 😀 the beings were kind of cool though.)

So what does “alien” suggest to me? Well, it doesn’t take a PhD in psychology to come up with a very unoriginal answer: the Unknown. So there you go! There’s nothing to be afraid of and no need to talk about it to make ourselves sound important. Personally, I have enough on my plate, you know, and I don’t need to add paranoia to it. “Aliens” are just another image that are enacting yet another message. Frankly, the paranoid theories out there feel like such a fabrication to me that I always cringe when I hear of their stupendous details. Yes there are alien beings, but they are in the other realms, which are like the realms we visit in regular dreams. Haven’t you seen weird stuff in dreams? Like really weird stuff that couldn’t happen in “real” life? Well, imagine I knew nothing about OBEs, lucid dreams or anything of the sort, and I had a weird dream with weird beings. And imagine that I’m one of those paranoid UFO fiends. Do you think I’m going to wake up saying: “what can I make of this metaphor?” or do you think I will wake up thinking I was abducted and feeding my own paranoia? ..and feel very important indeed, telling my stories to a bunch of kindred spirits.

Those of us who have OBEs, when we meet one another, we all have the same disposition toward one another: we recognize the divine presence in the other, we hug in pure love, we know the other knows, we love that other person so much. Because we know that the Universe IS that -and we know we ARE that. And the kind of people who talk about evil entities set out to destroy us will only want to put fear in you to sound important or manipulate you. All the evil we see is simply a manifestation of the darkness we have inside -which is part of us. That’s what most people find so hard to accept. Once we get to understand that, we can accept everything as a manifestation of who we are.


The film Avatar captures the sense of wonder and awareness of We Are One.

That’s my opinion anyway. I don’t believe in a negative force out there. I don’t believe the  fear mongers and their elaborate theories about aliens, or any other spectacular cosmological theory about an external threat. I hear such details in those theories that frankly baffle me. How is that possible? How do they know that? Did they go out of body and someone gave them a workshop or something? Do you know how hard it is to maintain intent in an OBE, to achieve enough stability to be able receive such detailed information -let alone to be given a PhD in Alien ancestry? There’s names and cycles and complicated terminology… all of that seems to me to create some sort of aura of self-importance, which the groupies are hungry for as well, and there they are: all delighted to have met one another and reinforcing each others’ beliefs.

I have had wonderful interactions in OBEs with toys that were alive. How come there’s no conspiracy theory about toys secretly lurking from within our brain in order to take over humanity and develop god-knows-what resource, in order to save their planet in a galaxy no one can get to in a million light-years?

Frankly I have no idea of names and alien races and stuff like that, which by the way I find completely useless, but that’s just me right now. I really think it’s all part of a fabricated wow factor on the part of a bunch of self-proclaimed “masters” with long hair who always seem to keep their groupies on edge with apocalyptic predictions which, by the way, never happen. You’d think people would be smarter by now. There are no Aliens in this reality, it’s physically improbable that there are any in our galaxy. But like I said, you can meet them in the other realities.

It’s more likely that the paranoia initially developed out of an encounter of that nature that was distorted in its interpretation. Also, I know a few paranoid people and they completely distort regular information to mold it to their theory. And there’s nothing you can say that will change that because they rationalize everything. When I heard of the reptilian theory (by accident, I must say), I looked at a couple of videos and couldn’t believe the level of paranoia. But my point is that, because I’m into symbols, I immediately thought of what is called the reptilian brain. Knowing how the paranoid people grab information that is clearly factually scientific and blur them into a new fabrication, I’ve always wondered if the reptilian theory has its roots in pure stupidity and distortion of the concept of reptilian brain. I’m saying that because I once heard a paranoid person explain to me how Sarah Palin doesn’t exist and it’s actually an actress called Tina Fey!! Do I need to explain further? But that’s how the paranoid brain works and you cannot have a sane conversation with that.

Anyway, those of us who go through experiences such as OBEs know that the Universe is friendly in essence. We know we are just here to learn. And so we strive to learn, to be better. That’s all there is that we can comprehend right now.

Having said that, I keep an open-mind: God never fails to surprise me, you know.

(As a sidenote, Tom Campbell, who is a huge reference for me for being scientific and rigorous and a non-guru type of teacher, has similar comments on the subject and you are very welcome to listen to what he has to say here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byaTBEcvaeg. Be warned that he uses nerdy terminology.)

🙂 Marina CB – Always be brave, be free