There’s a general belief in mainstream spirituality that one must solely focus on being of service to the world and the rest will follow. I completely disagree because it’s interpreted in terms of doing, not of being. The spiritual concept of service has nothing to do with making donations of time or money -which basically satisfy the ego.

Our awakening process is fundamentally about becoming aware that we are a soul in a body, that there is a larger reality than we suspected, and that there is something more to our experience than being monkeys accumulating toys.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with helping others, from a spiritual perspective we need to acknowledge that we need to work on our own development first and foremost, a process that becomes blurred as we give ourselves taps in the back for doing “good” and scoring points with the big boss up there. Many are often stuck at the level of a spiritual reward system which is simply another version of what we do in the business-oriented world. “Let me do this so that I can be entitled to that and attract abundance”. In that sense my point is that we often simply perpetuate the illusion we live in, and become satisfied about ourselves when in fact our growth process is never to end.

When we awaken to the sense that we are a soul, the next phase is to unveil the soul’s purpose and that is quite a process in itself (an ongoing one in fact), not a realization we have in an afternoon workshop.

Our soul’s purpose will naturally align with universal flow, and will inherently be of service to the evolution of Consciousness. If you ask yourself “what can I do to be of service”, you have not tapped into your soul potential yet and you are simply responding to the urges of your ego to feel good about itself. You may even interfere with the evolution process of other souls who need to have their own experiences. The fact is that very often we become way too busy in wanting to save others while we haven’t saved ourselves yet. Again, there is nothing wrong with anything, but to believe that this is it is a fantasy.

Once we have tapped into our true soul purpose, we never ask ourselves that question again: every action in the physical experience will carry our light and intrinsically be of service to the world .

The soul is to be awakened and become the captain of the physical experience. It doesn’t need to be of service. It just is, naturally.

🙂 Marina CB – Be brave, be free