Sleep is the best meditation
Dalai Lama

Before we fall asleep, right before, if we can maintain the focus on a question for our Guides, it will be received by them. We can also do this upon waking up in the morning. In those moments we are very close to Source and our connection clearer. The better we get at this, the more things will happen for us that will allow us to see the Invisible and perceive guidance.

It is important to make the request for guidance as clear and precise as possible. It’s also important to understand that the more we ask with a true heart to pursue personal growth, the more clearly we will perceive the answers. I say “perceive” because in fact all the answers are there.

Where people mostly get it wrong is in what they ask for, which is mostly for the manifestation of something that will satisfy their ego and material desires. The root issue here is the distortion caused by some sectors of New-Agers that propagate infantile use of spirituality as a reward system for whatever is considered good behavior. Therefore the spiritual quest becomes merely a replication of our expectations in the regular world, based on the same fears and sense of entitlement.

The regular world pushes us to be productive and to base our sense of progress on DOING. But the spiritual path requires deepening our understanding of the power of BEING. This brings us back to the self and how whatever we demand of the outside we should in fact demand of ourselves first. Any time we point a finger at someone or something in accusation, it should be understood as an indication that we should direct that finger to ourselves. To be in that state of humility is very helpful when we get to sleep. And sleep can be very powerful  to understand the distinction between being and doing. It’s a fact that resting is frowned upon in our modern society. But it is so incredibly beneficial on every level -not only to learn to perceive guidance.

The enemy is constructed out of denied aspects of the self
Sam Keen

The core intention of the spiritual aspiration is to accept that we are here to grow, to evolve, to be better. And that we’re entitled to nothing. Therefore our requests or prayers will be effective if we ask to be shown where we can improve, or to be given a clearer vision. It’s not about asking for a car or partner; or to ask for magic just to feel special or powerful.

Another misunderstanding of the laws of manifestation, and the spiritual experience in general, is that of getting quick results. It has become in fact a measure of spiritual success -which in itself is quite an impressive concept that actually immerses us even deeper in the illusion. In the spiritual experience there is no good or bad, no lack, no mistakes. We simply become more aware that everything that we perceive can support our growth.

We can use sleep as a resource to understanding guidance. But the questions and requests must be based on pure intentions, coming from a place of wanting to trust the Invisible. There is no getting to engage the magic without first accepting that we are initially blind to who we truly are; and that we first need to go through a process of transformation to reveal our true essence -and therefore our true intentions, which initially seek to feed the ego with power. That’s why it is far more effective to ask to be given clarity and understanding than to seek to make an exchange of the promise to be good for a magic present.

I won’t comment on what happens then. Because this will be unique to each individual. But I strongly suggest you to be open to having your perceptions transformed on a regular basis. Because they keep changing and growing as our understanding becomes greater.

An individuated spirit does not need to ask for manifestation. The soul knows that it’s all already there -we just don’t see it. The whole point of the spiritual process is to get to perceive the invisible world and to merge it with the physical experience. As long as we don’t understand that we still need to undergo a preliminary phase of transcending the physical reality as being the boss of our journey, we will still be only half-way.

🙂 Marina CB – Be brave, be free