Throughout the day, I remind myself to integrate the perspectives from the bottom and top of the pyramid of awareness. At the bottom I take sides in a small-minded world; at the top there is a unifying perspective. As a consequence I have developed a vernacular of concepts that act as anchors to both the physical and the metaphysical worlds.

The concept of time is a biggie. Time is a huge trap. A while back, when I first started to receive messages from my Guides, they said to me: “remove time and you’ll remove fear“. That is such a powerful message to me.

Instead of time, I talk about latency: some things require a maturation process and in the meantime they are sort of suspended in latency. But they will manifest as physically tangible when they are ripe for me. So when I feel that something is not happening for me, I know that latency is in the works and it will happen when it has to. The trust here comes from awareness of the perspective at the top of the pyramid. Many bits and pieces are suspended in latency, and divine trust is accepting that there is a great part of my experience that I simply cannot claim to control.
Time is an illusion and we have given it great power because we associate everything with time. But it is just a metaphor and as such we can get stuck in it -but don’t have to. Latency suggests accepting the divine alignment of circumstances in order to trigger an understanding within us, when we are ready.

Instead of patience, I just think about how I need perspective. Ascension to that perspective is a process.

Instead of pain, I know I’m simply experiencing contrast and the sole purpose of contrast is to teach me something that I wouldn’t distinguish otherwise. To run away from pain or darkness is denying part of my experience. I remind myself to accept it and delve into it.

It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life.
Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.
Joseph Campbell

Instead of doubting whether something is “real”, I know it is always valid, no matter what. Dreams, hunches, thoughts, fantasies –EVERYTHING is valid. Because it’s all connected (long story). You wanna waste your time questioning if things are real? It’s like trying to catch thoughts during an MRI.

Instead of thinking that I’m helping another, I recognize the other as a teacher. Always. As parents, we are not here to teach our kids: they have come to raise us. Or better: to rise us. From their perspective, however, the parent is the teacher, of course…

Instead of thinking about how others harm me, I ask myself what harm I am doing to others.

Instead of giving instructions: I tell my experience.

Instead of “what should I do?”: “how does this moment serve me?”

Instead of wanting a quick result: I allow myself to get inspired. My struggles revolve around themes that I will need to deal with, again and again, as I hopefully evolve around those subjects. They will require focus for this life and perhaps many more. So to want to resolve everything quickly -or for that matter to think I have resolved anything- is foolish. Those themes are gifts for this life -to ever-grow.

Instead of fighting when I encounter resistance: I know that I am blind to something and I ask for clear vision.

Instead of seeing things as a problem, I call it resistance on my part. Using the right words brings the truth forth quickly. It’s always in me, no matter what.

When my blood starts to boil with anger and resentment: I know I need to let go of something. “Let that bird fly“, as the Zen masters say. Ain’t an easy one sometimes.

Instead of “this doesn’t interest me”: “this doesn’t speak to me now”. I don’t reject it -it could speak to me in the future.

There’s no cause and effect: instead there is the visible and the invisible. Cause and effect are just the visible parts of an invisible connection.

That’s the kind of adjustment in the language that affects the vision of my experience. We typically have a descriptive way of looking at life: static instead of dynamic. The descriptive outlook establishes paradigms that lay out a script for our lives, a set of beliefs that give us certainty -but put us in boxes.
The dynamic approach requires that we conceptualize our experience through symbolism, with an open mind that is constantly challenged to stretch, as we willingly explore the unknown. This is way more scary but, faithful to divine paradox, it also gives more tangibility to our visions as we begin to discern the vastness of our possibilities.

And that is WAY more exciting!

🙂 Marina CB – Be brave, be free