Without going into unnecessary details, the skies are currently testing us in ways that can  be difficult to navigate.

First of all, Mercury is Retrograde in Capricorn and will navigate back to the last degrees of Sagittarius before going direct again on January 9th. However the entire phase includes going again to the Capricorn degree where it started its Retrograde journey. This will cover the entire month of January. During this phase we are going to revisit ideas that will have to do with career or structural concepts that need refinement. It is recommended not to act on those thoughts until the end of the phase, where a bigger picture will have finished taken shape.

A few planets in Pisces will be joined by Venus in a few days and already have the company of Mars, which will then start a new cycle in Aries at the end of January.

So this January is quite a significant period. The way to navigate Pisces requires trust in the unknown, which is not something many are comfortable with. Pisces usually brings us a sense of loss and confusion, because it is the end of a cycle and we need to let go of the parts of our selves that no longer serve us.

Pisces is a phase of dissolution and surrender. Suddenly we don’t know anything. Everything we thought we knew is blurred into the distance and we stand at the edge of a precipice, asked to jump into the unknown. Before we start a new cycle in Aries, we need to let go of an old skin without knowing what the new one will look like. That is a hard one.

Pisces is a period of mourning that which we must leave behind. Something is over. We need to accept it.

As children, we enter successive phases of growth naturally, and most of us do not remember when one ended and the next started -we don’t necessarily remember when we stopped playing with some toys and started playing with others. As adults we have become very attached to our ways. This is also due to how we are raised to create final goals or expectations of results, and when they no longer have meaning for us, we become confused. The trick is to understand that we must keep going. We never stop growing. Nothing is finite, nothing is final, there is always more to become. And so we must let go of an old T-shirt before we put on another one. The problem is that we don’t know yet what the next piece of clothing will look like. And it feels scary: what if we don’t get the new T-shirt?

Mars is a planet of action. Pisces an energy of dissolution in order to access higher states of consciousness. Therefore action is not about doing things in the physical world, but rather to allow for permanent change in the quality of our consciousness and awareness. That is the only permanent thing that is real: the growth of our soul. That is what eternity is about.

Pisces wants to stamp growth on our soul. Our physical personality tends to resist that, hence the feeling of confusion. In fact, when the soul demands growth and we don’t let that process unfold within us, we may have to face serious outer loss in the physical reality in order to enforce that necessary process.

Pisces is loss. But Pisces is also access to the eternal, the world of Consciousness, and endless imagination and creativity. We must let that inspire us. We can dream big, but first we must do our homework and accept that change has come. What was behind is over and done with. If we cling to it, it’s going to hurt even more.