As a kid I had a profound realization that I could learn greatly from the experiences of my siblings. I do the same now when I observe people. I absorb their experience and incorporate it to my own, as my own baggage and bag of tricks. I absorb power. I do the same with dreams: I absorb their power. I do the same with objects: I absorb their power.

But when I’m powerless and in pain, it feels like I have to say goodbye, again and again, to whatever it is that I had constructed to be true. I have to let go.

And begin a new cycle. And absorb power again.
But never to be powerful.

Only to stretch myself -again.
Breaking into new skin -again.
Only to shed it -again.

Every birth first requires a death.
Every death is ominous of a rebirth into a terrifying unknown.

­čÖé Marina CB – Be brave, be free