Yesterday I had a dream in which an anomaly appeared while I interacted with family members, triggering visceral anger in me -within the dream. Because I’ve had a few of such dreams in the past weeks, I had to stop and reflect on a few things.

A year ago I specifically put out the intent to not have any more OBEs in order to put all my energy into creating something in the physical world. I had been having numerous OBEs, going through severe tests, and they took a serious toll on my health.  It’s all part of what I have to experience, and I accept that. But my thoughts yesterday revealed something to me by contrast.

I have been so immersed in the physical reality that I have let go of spiritual perspective. And to me, spiritual perspective is not a pretty story about being a soul and reincarnation: it’s something that I know. And I’ve always been aware that it requires a strength of consciousness to keep both worlds actively intertwined.  But here’s the thing: my emotional world has been rocked lately and it’s challenging me in so many ways, as I am presently dealing with the death of my mother and having to interact with toxic family members, which I was foolish enough to think I had to be generous with.

In the past, the dream I had yesterday would have triggered awareness of an anomaly, and immediately taken me to an OBE state. But because I am so immersed in personal struggles, the only reaction to anomaly was human reaction within the dream, and then waking up in a state of disarray. What a waste of my energy! I thought to myself.

So this is telling me where I am now and how I can decide to make some changes. And again this reminds me of just how constant this process is, in requiring dedicated effort to improve and grow. My aching body is challenging me greatly as I fight to survive and to be respected as a separate individual. I always hear that unconditional love and support is what family is about. But there’s no love in this family I was born into -only conditions.

So it’s time to cut the umbilical cord and go back to my soul family.

🙂 Marina CB – Always be brave, be free