Our wounds are inevitably projected onto others by inflicting pain on them, which we are always conveniently blind to. For me this is a FACT that must be addressed daily. To see it is indeed an enormous fall from self-grace – but the true foundation for self-awareness. If we can’t see that, we are blind to the reality of being human and therefore blind to what it really takes to be better.

One day I was watching a lecture by Caroline Myss and my thoughts were invaded by strong emotions against a person I thought was being cruel to her partner. I was lashing out at her inside my head, and I remember my voice feeling very righteous and judgmental. Suddenly I heard a loud noise coming from the kitchen. The knife container had tipped and all the knives were spread on the counter. By then I knew this was a signal for me to pay attention to what my thoughts were focused  on. When I resumed the video
I was mesmerized by the following synchronistic passage from Caroline Myss:

“It’s a very difficult truth to face, to live up to our authentic self […] the calling to authenticity […] What it feels like to be called by God [is not revealed by grandiose happenings, it’s little things], it is a feeling to be called to your authenticity. It is a longing to be liberated from the judgmental power of the outside world, which you in your own intuitive system know is an illusion… To not respond to that immediate truth, you know is the ultimate betrayal (to yourself) and you hate yourself in that moment… (you criticize, you blame, etc) If a person can go this deep into oneself, you are going to defy gravity, you are in the territory of mystical truth, of someone who can walk so close to that sharp knife of light, the divine knife, that says: ‘let me get out of you the last part of you that is capable of harming another human being so that what’s left of you is only capable of healing another human being’. If you become that, all you are is a healer. You won’t have to work at it, God will give you the grace for it. All you have to do is work at not being harmful.”

It’s no coincidence either that today an article triggered the need to go back to this passage, which I added to my diary 3 years ago. Our negative thoughts tell a powerful story about ourselves and give us the clues we need to get back on track. Judgment, pointing fingers, feeling victimized: everything is about ourselves.

We always have the choice to be better.

🙂 Marina CB – Always be brave, be free