It was my out-of-body experiences that rocked my world

It was my OBEs (out-of-body experiences) that propelled me into dimensions of wonder and rocked both my inner and outer worlds. Because I couldn’t share those experiences back then I became mostly isolated in order to make sense of the whole process. This was frustrating because I so wanted to discuss what I was going through. But the subject matter is so out of this world indeed that I needed to be ready -as the people around me would hardly ever be.

It’s all there!

What I find most exciting about all this is that I recognize all that I am experiencing in all the scriptures or spiritual material I have been exploring. It’s all there really. I see the Truth everywhere and I fundamentally point out the validity of everything -of integrating it all.
I do find, however, that there is much self-complacency in the current spiritual practices and most people don’t go further than looking to feel good, especially about themselves. That’s ok, it’s very human to want to feel good or be rewarded for “being good” -in any way, shape or form. But that’s not how this works at all and I feel it’s time to shake things a bit.

The one commitment to engage the Truth in our lives is that of honest and serious self-introspection. The function of Truth is basically to be in your face. And it’s not enough to pat ourselves in the back, saying that “to err is human” and that’s that. Self-introspection is at first mostly tedious, painful and exhausting -and it has considerable consequences which many people can’t handle. But that’s fine, it’s not a judgement -it’s just an observation. God knows it’s very hard for me too.  But I believe it’s a phase we must go through before taking off.

It takes work

I’m a serious advocate for excellence, which to me is basically a profound desire to be better -not in terms of reinforcing social hierarchy or being better than anyone, but in terms of wanting to grow, to evolve -just for oneself. Because that is the purpose of our lives. And there is always so much to improve -so much to learn. Self-knowledge is key to this process and growth first requires understanding one’s own faults and weaknesses in order to progress. And I have tons of experience by now in that area, as I was blessed with tons of those faults and weaknesses -and ignorance.

I have heard rejection to the idea of being more, especially in the spiritual circles, as it seems to challenge the idea of humility. What a mistake that is, in my opinion. And what a perfect example of being trapped by subtle fear -of not appearing spiritual enough or being an elitist. It’s a very ego-based reaction. And I disagree fully. Because I don’t have a problem with elitism. People don’t have a problem with elitism in sports and accept that we can’t all aspire to be a top player unless we meet some requirements of excellence. I know I will never be a rocket scientist and I’m quite sure nobody will ever have a problem with that.
So wanting to become more is not of the conceited and in fact I consider it the core of our spiritual intuition -that it’s actually what we are here for. It’s just that people have corrupted this idea with caving in to materialistic ambition and to me it has nothing to do with that, obviously.

To unveil who we are and engage what we are

For me to be better is to slowly progress toward love and inner peace, and relating to others in that way, as I realize where in life I can be a better person. It’s also about understanding and unveiling who I am within the Big Picture. And that takes a lot of work and practice. And it’s never a done deal -I want to make that clear.
To become more, however, is about engaging the dynamic properties of the invisible worlds. It’s about understanding what I am and THAT is a whole other level of experience! And it has nothing to do with crushing others or manifesting a Ferrari or a parking space. Again: it’s not about a self-complacent, childish reward system.

🙂 Marina CB – always be brave, be free