– I won’t hold back in order to be politically correct.
– Don’t ask me what I do: I’m experiencing being alive!
– I don’t care what you do, I just hope it makes you happy.
– Don’t tell me what to do, just offer your wisdom.
– Don’t say “don’t”!
– You will not catch me dead on a snow holiday.
– I’m always hungry and I love cooking. You’d think it’s a perfect combination but it’s not… on account of one’s creaminess, you know.
– I’m FREE and will not be put in a cage again.
– I don’t do drugs: I don’t need them.
– Being a mother is overrated -by mothers.
– I’d love to be overrated, but I’m slightly overcooked… maybe next lifetime!

Shy people often have a very abrupt way of speaking – Christian Dior

– I’m bored to tears at social events.
– Here’s in so many words my interest in any conversation regarding fashion, dieting, implants and private female stuff: “zzzZZZZzzzzzZZZzzz”.
– However I love to find out about the creative side of everything -including the above mentioned.
– I actually enjoy saying bad words.
– Say YES to it all!!
– I do not condemn, but do not condone, promiscuity or plastic surgery. But that’s just me. I don’t care what you do and you may screw everything that moves, including your own body.
– If I were a man, I’d screw everything that moves, including my own body.
– Having said that, I claim the right to shamelessly use as many photo filters as I please to enhance my photos. It’s called being creative… no?
– Music should have been my life… maybe next time!
– Love is the only thing I believe in.
🙂 Marina CB – always be brave, be free

I won’t hold back in order to be politically correct, whether in terms of social expectations or spiritual ones. I might be a bit abrasive at times. But if you hang in there and keep an open mind, you might be in for a surprise. Trust me: I go through that myself constantly and I know that to be disturbed is simply a filter to ensure that only the ones who are ready will find what they need to learn. It’s up to you…