The Path Finder is a soul-based reading of your astrological birth chart that gives you a comprehensive view of your evolutionary intent for this life and what it is that you came to accomplish. The goal of this reading is to reveal the path to your highest potential. Click here to book 

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We all come to learn lessons, to grow, to evolve ourselves -and Consciousness. Our journey here is the archetypal Hero’s journey that calls for us to go our own way in life, overcome obstacles by which we are transformed, and discover a higher purpose that aligns with collective or spiritual aspirations.

While I continue to explore the concept of life as a metaphorical journey, I have learned to use my intuitive and psychic skills to receive information about a chart in order to understand the energies that you are born with, how to respond to them, and how to channel them optimally.

I also offer counseling sessions (go to my booking page) to help you learn to recognize your divine guidance. My out-of-body experiences have given me an education on how to engage in a conversation with our Guides, how to understand their signs -and how to ask for their help. Please go to my blog to know more about my personal experiences.

I have come to know first-hand that we are assisted on our journey and that our Guides want us to succeed. The difficulties we experience are rooted in our different ways of conceptualizing our experience. From the soul’s perspective, our experience in the physical reality has a very different meaning and purpose than we typically contemplate from our point of view here.

Therefore I am particularly passionate about offering my personal experience to help integrate your awareness of the Big Picture into your physical experience.

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