What are your credentials?

My credentials are: my life experience, my own therapy work, the spontaneous out-of-body experiences (OBEs) that began shortly after the biggest crisis in my life, a subsequent Dark Night of the Soul, further development of psychic attunement, revelation of a new path, extensive self-work and creative exploration, a complete personal transformation and a calling to share what I know.
I am self-taught in astrology and many other areas, under the guidance of my OBEs.

What kind of psychic ability do you have and how does it influence your readings?

The way it works is that I get inspired, or triggered, by the information given to me by the client through their words, or gestures if we do a live consultation. It’s not about guesswork, it’s about my perception and how it becomes conceptualized. It’s not mysterious, it’s not witchcraft, it’s just a decoding of what the person gives me. If the person -or the person’s soul- doesn’t give, then I can’t engage: the soul, for whatever reason, isn’t willing. I don’t work blindly or invent stories. The more the person gives the more I can give them.

I do have some methods to bring that information whenever I want and how to recognize the answers. That is part of what I like to teach. Some charts speak to me more than others and will demand that I access those levels of information. The more I engage with a person, the more information I get.

I have the same abilities that anybody has, that we were all born with. I’ve always been highly intuitive and a bit clairvoyant by contact with a person, directly or indirectly. However those skills highly intensified when I started to receive an education through my out-of-body experiences. I started channeling as well for a while but it was by no means a dramatic process. It was simply my higher self taking over and manifesting mostly through writing. It eventually crystallized into a permanent connection and access to high levels of inspiration, intuition and creativity. Simply put, it just manifests as intense “downloads” of information.

What is the difference between regular astrology and what you do?

I like to educate myself on the teachings that are available and I have great appreciation for them. Regular astrology is more static than what I do.
Early on in my exploration I started to see threads, patterns -a map- in the charts. I had not intended to study astrology at all, it just came to me one day and I wanted to find out if what I was seeing was reliable.
Basically what I see are doors to reach our highest potential and a dynamism in the chart that links all the pieces together.

I’m a little nervous about this, what if you find out something scary in my chart?

I do advocate for serious inner work and facing the truth head-on about ourselves. But to me a chart is a map of hope. It takes courage to remove our false layers of conditioning, but the end-game is extraordinary. It’s the life we’re meant to live, the higher purpose we are meant to manifest in the world.
I’m not interested in superstitious fear-mongering: it keeps our minds small and creates dependencies between the people who are vulnerable and those who hold power over them.
For me life is a hero’s journey, not an entrapment. There is ALWAYS a way out. That is a truth that I know. We are meant to be successful and the best we can be.

What House systems do you use on the astrological charts?

I work with Placidus which is the system I’m comfortable with. It doesn’t mean the others are not valid. Simply look at it as a language: English is not more true than any other language. I believe that whatever tool we embrace becomes valid as long as it works for us.

Can you do my reading if I don’t know my time of birth?

If you have a strong intuition about your birth time, or have heard of an approximate time and it rings strongly with you, what I do is that I ask the client to make a decision to use that time of birth. This creates what I call an anchor in the universe and the chart that comes up becomes your natal chart from then on. It requires you to make a final decision with a pure intent.
If you have no clue or strong intuition about a time of birth, then maybe it’s not the right time for you to get a reading. However you can still book a counseling session that is not chart-based.

Can your readings offer predictions on future outcomes?

No. My readings are soul-based and describe the archetypes/energies that are most influential in your chart, why they are there, how to recognize them in your own life and how to work at giving the highest response to them. A chart is open-ended and full of possibilites. To establish outcomes on my part is putting you in a box -and you are ultimately your own creator.
Free-will makes you free. And while there is a path for you described in the chart, all the energies provided can be channeled in many different ways. However the more conscious we are, the more we can learn to grow from our circumstances and discover new potential -instead of remaining powerless. My intention is to help you make sense of all the pieces in your life and weave them into a story that will inspire you to reach to your highest potential.

I don’t know what archetypes are or how they work, can you give an example of the type of information I will receive?

In the chart I can see specific areas of interest for you, the kinds of obstacles you will encounter, what they are meant to teach you and how you can bring yourself to see that. Archetypes are energies that will create themes in your life that you have to deal with. Maybe you have the archetypes of the mother, child, rescuer, healer, etc.
For example I could mention that relationships are key to your development as a healer, in crisis and liberation; or that work is the area of your life in which you will learn most of your lessons and why; or that you came with an energy that makes you feel dissociated from your family in order to break free from their conditioning and pursue a higher path. From there I elaborate so that you can pinpoint where the archetypes/energies are enacted in your life and how to work with them.

How do I book a reading/session?

Please go to the booking page, choose your reading and follow the payment process. After booking, you send me an email with all your details, as instructed on the booking page. I will reply to you with 24 working hours and give you an estimate of the completion date of your reading or set up an appointment for a counseling session.

What kind of issues do you deal with in counseling sessions?

– a life crisis that causes you to realize there must be more to life than you suspected, and how to navigate the challenges of a more awakened or spiritual way of life: feeling isolated, alienated, unable to speak to others about your new experiences and personal revelations, how to recognize signs.
– you’ve had out-of-body or near-death experiences and need to make sense of what is happening to you.
– you have a sense of divine guidance but aren’t quite sure how to kindle it in your own life.
– you have powerful dreams and feel compelled to understand their message.
– any life circumstances that brings chaos and fracture into your life and how to make sense of it.

What happens when I book a reading or session?

I will send you a confirmation via email within 24 working hours. Please make sure to check your spam folder or add my email address to your contacts: marina@avidasoul.com.
If you still have trouble you can contact me by private message on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/avidasoul/
For a Path Finder reading I will give you an estimated date of delivery upon which you will receive a Dropbox link to download the audio file I recorded. You don’t need to have a Dropbox account. If you see a message to login and you are not a member just close it and you will be able to download the file.
You will also receive by email a copy of your chart.

Do you accept any other payment than Paypal?

Payments are by Paypal only but they accept credit cards. You do not need to be a member of Paypal to be able to make a payment.

Your prices are in Euros, can I pay in another currency?

Paypal will indicate the total in your own currency prior to finalizing payment, whether you use your own Paypal account or a credit card.

What if I have questions after a reading or session?

A chart is an endless well of information and there is always much to be extracted, so I would suggest you book another session or reading if you want to know more. However I also strongly suggest you take your time and assimilate the information I give you before booking another reading or session. It is also very helpful -for yourself- to write down your thoughts and questions and pay attention to what you write as it will reveal much to you.
Also very important is that you learn to develop yourself without depending on others, so I encourage everyone to go their own way and create their path.
If you are unsure of what to do, you may contact me via email at: marina@avidasoul.com

Can I cancel a booking?

After I have given you confirmation of your booking, I offer a 48-hour grace period to cancel. I will issue a full refund unless I have started working on your chart. Please take into account that Paypal usually charges a small fee for that transaction. After the grace period I do not offer a refund.

Do you do readings for children?

I do not offer readings for anyone under 18 years old. A reading is personal and should be undertaken by the person who wants it.
Also, our path is always perfect and so whatever you do as a parent, it is meant to be for your child. In that sense, you can never really mess up. You will best serve your child by improving yourself. Your child has his or her own path and will make their own decisions to seek their truth on their own terms.

But I’ve heard of special children with a special destiny, would you make an exception for them?

Nobody is special over anybody else. It is very important to understand that. We are all equally special and deserving of reaching whatever is our highest potential.
While I do agree that some beings are more evolved than others, I do not approve of telling anybody they are more special than others, or entertaining their ego over so-called special past lives or mission for this life. In my opinion it serves only to create dependency between the counselor and the client -and that ultimately doesn’t serve anybody.
We are all children of the Universe, doing the best we can. And no matter how evolved we think we are, it serves us greatly to remember at all times that there is always much that we need to learn.

Right to refuse

If for any reason I feel I cannot offer a reading to the best of my ability, I reserve the right to refuse to do a reading. In that case I would issue a full refund.

If you have any question unanswered here please send me an email to: marina@avidasoul.com

Please check the Disclaimer page before booking.

🙂 Marina CB – always be brave, be free